Cookies and personal data policy

Here you can read about how Sommerhusudlejning Fyn ApS collects, processes and register information about you that you accepted when renting or subletting a summer home or have automatically been acquired through the use of cookies when visiting our website  

When you visit our website

When you visit our website, we automatically collect data about you through the use of cookies. These data include what websites you visit, which browser you use and your current IP-address when the search took place.

The collection of your personal data is done to optimize the user experience and the functionality of our website, make web analysis via Google Analytics and to make targeted marketing through sites such as Facebook and Google.

The use of this data is relevant in our effort to improve our website and offer you the best deals. The legal basis for this use is the EU Privacy Regulation art 6, stk 1, litrfa f.

When you rent a holyday home

When you per telephone or via e-mail rent a holiday home at we collect and register the information you volunteered to the collection of, such as name, address, e-mail, phone number and date of birth. We do not collect sensitive information without your consent.

This is done to fulfill our agreement with you, handle legal requirements in relation to accounting etc. as well as informing the owner of your reservation of the rented home. The owner will be informed of your name, nationality, rental period, number of adults and children as well as domestic animals.

The legal basis of the use is the EU Privacy regulation art 6, stk. 1, litra b, c, and f.

When you sublet a holiday home

When you sublet your holiday home through Sommerhusudlejning Fyn ApS, we register the personal data you have submitted to us such as, name, address, e-mail, phone number, account info, as well as data regarding your summer home such as, address, property number, rental periods, rental income etc.

This is done to fulfill our agreement with you, handle legal requirements in relation to accounting, tax reporting etc. 
The legal basis of the use is the EU Privacy regulation art 6, stk. 1, litra b, c, and f.

Use of cookies

Sommerhusudlejning Fyn ApS uses cookies on our website The use is primarily to improve the website, make web analysis and deliver direct, relevant marketing to you via sites such as Facebook and Google. Beneath you can read more about cookie and how to delete such. 

What is Cookies?

Almost every website uses cookies. A cookie is a minor text file which is stored in your browser to recognize your computer on recurrent visits. There is no personal information stored in our cookies, and they can’t contain computer viruses.

What is the cookies used for?

At sommerhusudlejning Fyn, we mainly use cookies with the purpose of analyzing the behavior of the user, so that we can optimize the user experience on our website. We use our own cookies, as well as cookies in connection with Google Analytics and Facebook. We register what sites you visit and for how long. We use behavioral analysis to target ads to you through Facebook and Google, so that you only receive ads which we think are relevant to you. 

Deleting cookies

If you do not wish to receive cookies from you can choose to do so through your browser setup. Access advanced settings under internet settings and add our domain to the list of websites you want to block cookies from. In this section you can also delete individual cookies or all cookies that your browser may have saved.

If your browser is set to not allow cookies it may cause some functionalities on different websites to not function.

If you do not want Google Analytics to register your visit, you may use Google’s Opt-Out browser Add-on. Do notice that the use of this Add-on will include all websites.

If you wish to delete or block cookies, visit:

Disclosure of your information to third-party

When you rent a holiday home we disclose your name, nationality, rental period as well as the number of persons to the owner of the summer house.

When you sublet your holiday house through Sommerhusudlejning Fyn ApS we disclose your personal information to the Danish Tax Authorities (SKAT), contractors who may do work at your holiday home, photographers who may take pictures of your holiday home etc.

We disclose information about the holiday home to our partners such as and This information includes address, pictures and text etc. This is done to fulfill the agreement with our external partners whose task is to communicate the sublet of the holiday home.

A written agreement is made with the external partners thus they may not use the information given to them, in other ways than fulfilling their agreement with us.

General information

We use partners whose task is to process the information on our behalf. These partners include Bookingstudio who deliver, develops and supports our website and booking system. Other partners are used in the process of delivering newsletters and targeted marketing.

A written agreement is made with the external partners thus they may not use the information given to them, in other ways than fulfilling their agreement with us.  

Two of these data processors, Google Analytics v/Google LLC and Facebook is established in USA. The necessary warranties for transferring of data to the United States of America is secured with the Data Processers certification under U.S Privacy Shield cf. EU Privacy Regulation art. 45

Rights, insight and redress

You are entitled to know what information we have registered about you, why they are registered and where do data stems from. If you wish to receive this information, we ask you to send a written request to

You are in your right to have false information about you corrected. In the case that you get attentive to the falsehood of your information that we have registered; we ask you to contact us.

In some cases, you can rightfully get all or parts of your personal data deleted by us. This can be done by withdrawing your consent and if we simultaneously have no other legal basis to continue the processing of your data. In the extent that a continued processing of your data is necessary in our legal obligations or legal requirements can be determined, we are not required to delete your personal information.

A complaint on that matter can be submitted to Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 København K. The complaint can be filed on mail to or on phone +45 33 19 32 00.

Period of data retention

We keep and store the collected data as long as necessary in regards of the delivery of Sommerhusudlejning Fyns services and under the consideration of the limitation rules of Denmark.


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