Rental conditions 2024

 Article 1. Rental certificate

The rental certificate confirms the booking agreement between the Lessee and the holiday home’s owner (the Lessor). Sommerhusudlejning Fyn (hereinafter named SF) is responsible for bringing the parties together. The booking agreement pertains to the holiday home stated on the rental certificate. Unless otherwise stated, the price does not include utilities, such as electricity, water and heating oil.

Article 2. No. of people

The rental certificate specifies the number of people who may stay overnight in the holiday home. Pets are only permitted if this is stated in the rental certificate.

Article 3. Final cleaning

Final cleaning (on vacating the let) is mandatory. The Lessee cannot opt out of this service. The Lessee is obliged to leave the holiday home neat and tidy, i.e. to empty the dishwasher and remove all waste including bottles from the premises. The Lessee is also obliged to clean the cooker and barbecue.

Article 4. Liability

The Lessee is responsible for the holiday home and its contents during the rent period. In the event of damage, the Lessee is obliged to contact SF immediately. If possible, compensation for any damage must be paid before departure. If the Lessee fails to notify SF of any damage before departure, the damage will be remedied at the Lessee’s expense.

Article 5. Terms and conditions of payment

The rental certificate is sent automatically by email to the Lessee at the time of booking. The rental certificate states the due date for payment of the rent. The rent is payable in two instalments. The first instalment (25 %) is due for immediate payment. The second instalment may include a deposit and is payable 60 days before the arrival date. If the Lessee books less than 60 days before the arrival date, the rent sum is payable in full on receipt of the rental certificate. If the Lessee fails to pay the full rent sum by the due date, SF is entitled to cancel the booking agreement without warning

Article 6. Deposit

If the rent sum does not include the cost of utilities, a deposit is charged as part of the second instalment. Utilities charges (electricity, oil, gas, water, etc.) will be deducted from the deposit. The balance (if any) will be refunded within two weeks of departure. If utility charges exceed the deposit paid, SF reserves the right to charge the additional cost on the payment card entered during the booking process. 

Article 7. Complaints 

In the event of a complaint regarding a rented holiday home, the Lessee shall notify SF by email or letter no later than 24 hours after arrival. If the Lessee wishes to complain about the standard of cleaning at the rented holiday home, the Lessee must notify SF immediately on arrival. If the Lessee fails to lodge a timely complaint, the Lessee’s right to compensation is forfeited and the Lessee will be regarded as liable to cover the cost of any damage or losses (See Article 4).

Article 8. Cancellation

The booking may be cancelled up to 60 days before the arrival date. SF will deduct 20 % of the sum payable on the booking or a minimum cancellation charge of EUR 70,-. In the event of cancellation less than 60 days before the arrival date, the Lessee forfeits the full sum payable on the booking. The booking can be changed up to 60 days before the arrival date on payment of an administration charge of EUR 28,-. The booking cannot be changed after this time. The booking fee off EUR 18,- is non-refundable.

Article 9. Smoking

Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the holiday home. The penalty for smoking is EUR 420,- plus compensation (if any) for loss of income if the house cannot be rented out in subsequent weeks. Ash and stubs must be deposited in the zinc buckets provided.

Article 10. Force majeure

SF is not obliged to make the booked holiday home available in the event of an incidence of force majeure (industrial conflict, armed conflict, natural catastrophe, and similar events).

Article 11. Personal data processing

SF will not collect data about you other than the contact details you give us during the booking process. SF will not divulge your personal data to a third party. SF is entitled to contact you by email, letter or text message in order to send you relevant special offers and news. You can opt out of receiving information from SF at any time. Send an email to

Article 12. Groups of young people

Groups of young people (more than three people under the age of 25) must obtain SF’s prior consent to book a holiday home. SF reserves the right to refuse a booking from a group or groups of young people or to charge a higher deposit sum at the time of booking.

Article 13. Venue

The venue is the judicial district for the location of the holiday home, and Danish law is agreed choice of law between the parties.

Article 14. A-Z

SF’s A-Z document provides general information. It is available at The document is regarded as an integral part of the rental agreement.

Article 15. Typographical errors

SF reserves all rights in respect of graphical and typographical errors.


See rental conditions for 2025. (Valid for bookings made from 4th of January 2025)