Practical info from A-Z

We have a wealth of information for you. Check it out before you leave home. Some of it is sure to be useful. If you have any questions at all regarding your holiday at Sommerhusudlejning Fyn, please do not hesitate to contact us.


While a holiday home may be described as one in which pets are not allowed, the owner or his/her guests may have brought pets into the holiday home.

Please contact us if you need more specific information about a holiday home,

Sommerhusudlejning Fyn is unable to assume responsibility for any allergic reaction caused by household dust.

NB: Guests who are allergic to household dust should choose a holiday home that has solid wood or tile flooring.


You are welcome to arrive at your rented holiday home any time after 15:00.

You pick up the house key at Sommerhusudlejning Fyn or from a key box at the holiday home (for details, see booking confirmation).

You will be informed of the code to the key box a day or two before your arrival. On arrival, please read the meters and write the readings on the utilities sheet.


A barbecue is provided at most of our holiday homes.

You must clean the barbecue after use.

Never dispose of ashes in the waste bin/container. Please use the zinc bucket provided at the house.

Sommerhusudlejning Fyn cannot accept responsibility for the standard or condition of the barbecue at the let.

Beds/wardrobe space

Normal bed measurements in our holiday homes are as follows: single bed 90 x 200 cm, double bed 180 x 200 or 140 x 200 cm.

Bunk beds may be narrower and/or shorter than regular beds.

For reasons of hygiene, there is a thin protective mattress on top of the mattress. Please use a sheet over the protective mattress.

There is usually less wardrobe space in a holiday home than you have at home. You should not expect cupboard space to be provided in every room.

Bed linen, etc.

You can choose either to bring your own bed linen, towels and tea towels or to pre-order a package containing bed linen and towels from Sommerhusudlejning Fyn.

A bedlinen/towels package contains bed linen, one small towel, one large towel and a tea towel.

Your pre-ordered bedlinen/towels package will be delivered to the holiday home. Our cleaning staff will collect it.

In some cases, one bedlinen/towels package per person is included in the rent. If this is so, this will be stated in your booking agreement.


Sommerhusudlejning Fyn accepts no responsibility for the quality and function of bicycles (if any) at the holiday home.

If a bicycle has a flat tyre, you must fix it yourself.

Bicycle hire

Bicycles are widely available to hire on Fyn.

Sommerhusudlejning Fyn accepts no responsibility for the quality and function of bicycles (if any) at the holiday home.


It is possible to cancel the rental certificate. SF charges a fee, the amount of which depends on when the rental certificate is canceled.

  • Up to 60 days before arrival: 20% of the total rental amount, minimum EUR 70,-.
  • 59 to 0 days before arrival: 100% of the total rental amount.

Additional purchases such as linen, cot/highchair, and final cleaning are refunded 100% upon cancellation. The reservation fee is non-refundable.


Sommerhusudlejning Fyn must be notified of any damage or complaint within 24 hours of your arrival.

If you wish to complain about inadequate cleaning, you must notify us on arrival.

If you (as the Lessee) fail to report damage or lodge a complaint, your right to compensation is forfeited and you will be considered liable to cover the cost of any damage or losses.

Construction noise

You may be disturbed by construction noise in the neighbourhood during your holiday.

Sommerhusudlejning Fyn is unable to monitor construction and refurbishment work and we are therefore unable to accept liability for any inconvenience caused. 


You must vacate the holiday home by 10:00.

If you have bought a mini-break (1-6 days), you must vacate the holiday home by 11:00.

Leave the utilities sheet at the holiday home and drop off the house key at the Sommerhusudlejning Fyn office or in the key box at the holiday home (for details, see booking confirmation).

If you travel before the end of the let (before it expires), please text us to let us know.

The cost of utilities (electricity, gas, water) will be deducted from your deposit. The balance will be refunded within 14 days of your vacating the let.


A deposit (in addition to the rent) is charged as part of the second instalment. A deposit is only charged if you (as the Lessee) are to pay for utility charges. The cost of electricity, gas, water, etc. will be deducted from your deposit.

The balance will be refunded within 14 days of your vacating the holiday home. 

If utility charges exceed the deposit paid, Sommerhusudlejning Fyn reserves the right to charge the additional cost to the payment card entered during the booking process.


All the distances stated have been measured using Google Earth and as the crow flies. The distances measured are as accurate as humanly possible.

Final cleaning

We charge for mandatory cleaning after you have vacated the let.

This means that you do not have to clean the holiday home before you leave. We take care of this.

However, you must leave the holiday home neat and tidy. You must clean the cooker oven and barbecue, empty the dishwasher and refrigerator, and ensure that all waste (including bottles) is removed from the holiday home.


Firewood is not included in the rental price. Most supermarkets sell firewood.

Any firewood at the holiday home belongs to the owner and must not be used.

Guests are not permitted to collect firewood in the woods or on the beach. Driftwood may contain salt that would damage the wood burning stove.

Fishing licence

If you are aged 18-64, you must purchase a fishing licence to fish along the Danish coasts.

You can purchase a coastal fishing licence

Garden furniture

All our holiday homes are equipped with garden furniture.

However, a sunshade, sunbeds and cushions are not standard equipment. These items may not be available at your holiday home.

Groups of young people

Unfortunately, Sommerhusudlejning Fyn often finds that renting holiday homes to groups of young people causes problems.

Some house owners are therefore unwilling to rent their holiday home to this guest category.

A group of young people is defined as more than three individuals under the age of 25.

If you are a group of young people, you must obtain Sommerhusudlejning Fyn’s prior consent to book a holiday home.

We reserve the right to refuse bookings from a group or groups of young people or to charge a higher deposit sum at the time of booking.

If you are a group of young people who have booked a holiday home without Sommerhusudlejning Fyn's consent, we reserve the right to refuse you accommodation.

High chair, cot

If the holiday home has a high chair and cot, this will be stated in the house description. 

If you have rented a holiday home without a cot/high chair or if you need more than one high chair/cot, these items are available to rent from Sommerhusudlejning Fyn.

Home interiors and equipment

As standard, all holiday homes have a toilet, shower unit, cooker, refrigerator, coffee maker, vacuum cleaner, cot, high chair, radiators, free wireless internet and garden furniture.

Beds are provided with continental quilts, pillows and sometimes mattress covers.

Cutlery and kitchen utensils are provided for the number of people permitted to stay overnight at the house.

Call us if you have questions, e.g. about the home interior.

Illness while on holiday

If you become ill while you are on holiday and need medical attention, you can contact the local doctor’s surgery within normal hours of opening (08:00-16:00).

Outside normal hours of opening, call the non-emergency on-call medical service at this number: +45 7011 0707.

When on holiday, you should carry your health insurance card at all times.

Information Folder

There is an information folder at the holiday home.

This contains a great deal of useful information. If you have questions about your holiday home, you will find most of the answers in the folder.


Jacuzzi (empty water after use)

When you rent a holiday home with a jacuzzi, Sommerhusudlejning Fyn ensures that the jacuzzi is thoroughly cleaned to eliminate bacteria between users.

When you use the jacuzzi, place one chlorine tablet into the water per person using the bath.

These tablets are provided at houses with a jacuzzi.

NB: The jets on the side of the jacuzzi do not work until the water level reaches about 10 cm above the jets.

Jacuzzi (filled with water when you arrive, constant water circulation).

Chlorine tablets in this jacuzzi is not needed. A jacuzzi with constant water circulation functions like a small swimming pool. The chlorine content is regulated automatically.

Bathing regulations:

  • Before entering the jacuzzi, wash yourself thoroughly using soap.
  • Always wear a clean bathing suit/trunks
  • No one with symptoms such as a sore throat, diarrhoea, ear infection, a cold, etc. must use the jacuzzi.
  • Your dog must not use the jacuzzi.

Never use potent cleaning agents or scouring powder in the jacuzzi.

Lost and found

Sommerhusudlejning Fyn stores items for up to two months after the end of your let.

Any items lost and found will be sent at the recipient’s expense.

Outdoor spaces

Most holiday homes on Fyn are built on a natural plot, although some do have a lawn.

A natural plot is not a tidy garden. Nature will often have taken over to the extent that the plot may seem smaller than stated in the holiday home description.

 Guests are not permitted to erect tents or use a caravan on the plot.


The rent is paid in two instalments.

  • The first instalment is calculated as 25% of the rent. This is payable on booking the holiday home.
  • The second instalment includes the deposit and is payable 60 days before the arrival date.

When you book less than 60 days before the arrival date, you must pay the full cost including deposit (if any) when you book.


Most of our holiday homes are at rural locations, out in the countryside. There are likely to be more ants, flies and spiders here than you are accustomed to seeing if you live in a town.

If your holiday home is unusually infested with insects, please contact Sommerhusudlejning Fyn.

We will make every effort to help you.


Pets are welcome at some of our holiday homes.

If you rent a holiday home and intend to bring a pet, unless otherwise stated, you are permitted to bring one animal only.

Your dog may roam free on the plot.

If you take your dog for a walk outside the plot, you must keep him on a lead at all times.

Dogs must not climb onto furniture or beds. You must not leave your dog alone in the holiday home.

Please ensure that excrement is removed from the plot before you vacate the holiday home.

In Denmark, you can find “hundeskove” (dog parks) where you can allow your dog to roam off the lead.

Read more about enjoying the great outdoors with your dog on the Danish Nature Agency’s website: In the countryside with your dog.


Smoking is strictly forbidden inside our holiday homes.

The penalty for smoking is DKK 2,500 plus compensation (if any) for loss of income if the house cannot be rented out in subsequent weeks.

Ash and stubs must be deposited in the zinc buckets provided.


All our saunas have an electrical heater.

There are two dials/switches on the heater.

One is used to regulate the temperature. The normal sauna operating temperature range is 80-100 °C.

It takes about 30 minutes for the sauna to reach operating temperature.

The other dial is an on/off switch with a timer. You can switch the sauna on immediately or delay the heating process until later.

To start the sauna straight away, turn the dial as far as you can to the right and then back to step 1, 2 or 3 (the number of hours you wish the sauna to be switched on).

To delay the heating process, turn the button to step 4, 5 or 6 (indicates the number of hours’ delay until the sauna switches itself on).

Most saunas are not suitable for aromatherapy. Please ladle water carefully onto the sauna stones.

TV, cable and satellite

Cable TV is provided at most of our holiday homes.

The home owner selects the TV package available at the holiday home. The channels provided at our holiday homes vary.

DR (Danish public service TV) channels are available by default.

You are welcome to call us if you wish to know more about the TV channels available at the house you have rented.

The information folder at the house includes the TV instruction manual.

Call us if you cannot access the TV channels.

If the TV is incorrectly set or reset, Sommerhusudlejning Fyn reserves the right to charge you for repairing/resetting the device.

Utility charges

At most of our holiday homes, in addition to the rent, you will be charged for electricity, water and heating.

You must read the meters on arrival and departure, and write the readings on the sheet provided.

The cost of the electricity, water and heating is deducted from the deposit.

If you forget to read the meters, Sommerhusudlejning Fyn will estimate consumption. See also item “Winter lets”.


The holiday home description states the number of people who may stay overnight at the holiday home.

The number of people sleeping overnight in the holiday home must not exceed that stated in the holiday home description.

Wood burning stove

When you rent a holiday home with a wood burning stove, you must clean the stove before departure.

Use the stove cleaning tools provided at the holiday home.

Never use the holiday home’s vacuum cleaner to clean the stove.

Never dispose of ash in the waste bin. Use the zinc bucket provided.

Washing machine, dishwasher

Most of our holiday homes are equipped with a washing machine and dishwasher.

In the event of a fault, we cannot guarantee repairs at the weekend or in the evening.

If the fault is due to your having failed to use the machine correctly, Sommerhusudlejning Fyn reserves the right to charge you for the cost of troubleshooting the fault and repairs (if any).


At most holiday centres, guests must sort waste.

Please ensure that you sort waste in accordance with the regulations. The refuse collector is entitled to refuse to collect containers containing incorrectly sorted waste.

Waste collection days vary. Your waste container/sack is not necessarily empty on the day you arrive.

Winter lets

When you rent a holiday home during the winter months (from 1 November to 1 April), the holiday home will be heated to about 10 °C when you arrive.

If you need a higher indoor temperature, please call Sommerhusudlejning Fyn at least three days before your arrival.

You pay the extra cost of heating. We read the meter just before we turn up the heating. The reading is written down on the utilities sheet at the holiday home when you arrive.

Wireless internet

Wireless internet is available at all our holiday homes.

As it is not possible to install fibre net connections at all the holiday parks, some internet connections are mobile broadband connections with limited data transfer speed.

For further information about the wireless internet connection at the holiday home you have booked, please contact Sommerhusudlejning Fyn.

You must bring your own:

Bed linen, towels, tea towels (bedlinen/towels packages are available to hire from Sommerhusudlejning Fyn), dishcloths and toiletries.

If you need further information of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact Sommerhusudlejning Fyn.