Rental conditions

s. 1. Rental certificate
The rental certificate confirms the rental agreement between the tenant and the house owner. Sommerhusudlejning Fyn (hereafter referred to as SF) is responsible for the mediating between these. The rental agreement includes the holiday accommodation mentioned on the rental certificate. The rental price is excl. consumption of electricity, water, oil, etc., unless otherwise stated.

s. 2. Numbers of persons
The holiday accommodation may not be occupied by more persons than the number stated on the rental certificate. Pets are only allowed if stated on the rental certificate.

s. 3. Final cleaning
The final cleaning is compulsory and cannot be deselected. The tenant is obliged to leave the holiday accommodation in a tidy condition, ie. dishwasher is emptied and all waste incl. bottles are removed from the holiday accommodation. The oven in the kitchen and any barbecue must be cleaned by the tenant.
s. 4. Liability
The tenant is responsible for everything contained in the holiday accommodation during the rented period. The tenant is obliged to contact SF immediately if any damage occurs. Compensation for damages must, if possible be paid before departure. Damage not reported before departure will be repaired at the expense of the tenant.

s. 5. Terms of payment
The rental certificate is sent by email shortly after booking. The rental certificate indicates when the rent is due. The rent is charged in 2 installments. 1st installment of 25% of the rental price is due immediately. 2nd installment incl. deposit is due 60 days prior to arrival. If the accommodation is booked later than 60 days prior to the start of the rental period, the full amount is due upon receipt of the rental certificate. If the full rental amount is not paid on time, SF may cancel the rental agreement without warning.

s. 6. Deposit
SF charges a deposit with the payment of the 2nd installment. Consumption of electricity, oil, gas, water, etc. will be offset in the deposit. Any remaining amount will be refunded 2 weeks after departure. FD reserves the right to withdraw the amount due on any given credit card, should the deposit not cover guilty balance.

s. 7. Complaints
If there are any complaints in connection with the rented holiday accommodation, SF must be notified in writing no later than 24 hours after arrival. If the complaint relates to the cleaning condition of the holiday accommodation, SF must be notified immediately after arrival. Otherwise, the tenant's claim for compensation lapses and the tenant is held liable for any faults and defects, cf. s. 4 s.

s. 8. Cancellation
If the rental agreement is canceled more than 60 days prior to commencement of the rental period, 20% of the gross rent will be payable, however minimum EUR 70. If canceled 59 - 0 days before arrival, the entire rental amount is payable by 100%. On alteration of the tenancy within 60 days prior to commencement of the
rental period, a fee amounting to EUR 28 shall be charged. From then on, the rental certificate may no longer be amended. The reservation fee is non-refundable.

s. 9. Smoking
Smoking inside the holiday accommodation is prohibited. If this happens, a fine of EUR 420 will be charged, as well as compensation for lost rent, if the house cannot be rented in the following weeks. Zinc buckets are installed outside for ash and shutters.

s. 10. Force majeure
SF is not obliged to provide the rented holiday accommodation as a result of force majeure (strike, war, natural disasters or the like).

s. 11.  Personal data
SF does not collect any information about you other than the contact details stated in the booking process. Your contact information will not be passed on to others. SF has the right to contact you by email, letter or SMS in connection with relevant offers and news information. You may at any time opt out of receiving information from SF by sending an email to

s. 12. Groups of young people
A group of young people (under 25 years and more than 3 persons) must always obtain permission from SF before renting a holiday accommodation. SF reserves the right to reject a group of young people or charge an additional deposit.

s. 13. A-Z
SF`s A-Z guide containing practical information about holiday home rental is an integral part of the rental agreement. The guide is available on