Klinten in Kerteminde

Klinten in Kerteminde

Nature in Kerteminde

When holidaying in Kerteminde, you are surrounded by nature on all sides.

There are beaches to the north and south of the town. Visit Lundsgaard Woods with its majestic beech trees and Klinten Cliffs with awesome views across Kerteminde Bugt Bay.

To the north of Kerteminde lies the Hindsholm peninsular with idyllic rural villages in pretty, rolling countryside. At the farthest tip of the peninsular, you can experience the unique and unspoiled natural environment at Fyns Hoved Point.

Lundsgaard Woods

Lundsgaard Manor Estate lies on the outskirts of Kerteminde. The woods on the estate are open to the public. They stretch for several kilometres to the south of the town. This is a great place for long walks, enjoying peace and quiet and the scents of the forest.


You find Kerteminde’s Klinten Cliffs on the shoreline close to Lundsgaard Woods. You can hike on a narrow path that leads from the old harbour in Kerteminde along South Beach to the cliffs. There are impressive views from Klinten. Conditions here are ideal for snorkelling, diving and fishing.


The Hindsholm peninsula is an area of outstanding natural beauty that features rolling hills and small rural communities with well-kept, half-timbered cottages. At Viby, the rural village is so well preserved that the old farm buildings have changed very little in more than two centuries. Hindsholm is also very popular with anglers. The shores of the Great Belt Straits are some of Fyn’s best fishing spots.

Fyns Hoved

Fyns Hoved is the point at the very tip of Hindsholm peninsular. This is one of Fyn’s most beautiful natural landscapes. There are rare species of plants, cliffs, lagoons and rich fauna in the unique and unspoiled natural environment here. Park your car and walk all around the point. It is a fantastic natural experience.